100 Things to Do When You Retire

After decades of living for our careers, reaching retirement can be a big shock. After all, how can you make the most of this free time and really start living life to the full? They say that – after our school days – our autumn years are the best of our lives. So with that in mind, here are 100 great things you can do when you retire:

Social Activities

  1. Spend time with family and friends.
  2. Reconnect with people you lost touch with. Write them letters, email them, go and visit.
  3. Throw a family reunion so everyone can reconnect or meet for the first time.
  4. Join a book club and attend the social meetings
  5. Hold coffee and cake mornings for the local retirees in your area.
  6. Join a club for example chess. It’s a great way to get out the house, and meet new people.
  7. Attend bingo with friends and have a laugh. You may even win some money too!
  8. Babysit the grandkids.
  9. Get a dog. Pets are hugely social, and will help you fill your days.
  10. Become a ‘Silver Surfer’. Learn how to use the Internet and connect with loves ones via Facebook or emails.Retirement Ideas
  11. Find a foreign pen pal. You can learn all about another culture as well as make a new friend.
  12. Join a theatre group and put on amateur productions.
  13. Help out a neighbour by doing their cleaning/gardening etc.
  14. Throw dinner parties.
  15. Hold games nights for your friends and family.
  16. Have date nights with your spouse.
  17. Go speed dating if you’re single.
  18. Have a day out with the grandkids and do something that they want to do.
  19. Join a choir.
  20. Share your family photos with other relatives. You were young once too
  21. Learn to play a musical instrument.
  22. Start painting or drawing.
  23. Learn to bake great cupcakes.
  24. Master a recipe for a dish you’ve always wanted to cook.
  25. Perfect a signature dish.
  26. Tend to your garden. Grow plants, or even your own veg.  
  27. Take up photography. Capture the things that matter to you, and document your free time.
  28. Write a book or start a blog.
  29. Make something and sell it online.
  30. Learn to knit and make a jumper, scarf, or hat for your loved ones.
  31. Become a freelancer. You can work as little or as much as you like, and even make money from your new found photography hobby!
  32. Become a collector. Stamps, coins, anything!  
  33. Go fishing. After all, “a bad days fishing is better than a good day at work”
  34. Take up flower arranging. Learn how to craft beautiful displays for your family and friends.
  35. Create a scrapbook full of memories and old photos to share with your loved ones.
  36. Take up woodworking and carve something you can use.
  37. Become a birdwatcher. All you need is binoculars and a book full of birds.
  38. Submit an article to a local newspaper.
  39. Take a pottery class. Everyone remembers the infamous scene in Ghost, right?
  40. Join a bowls club
  41. Join a gym…
  42. Or fitness class.
  43. Run a marathon. After all, you have plenty of time to train now!
  44. Take up rambling and do all your local walks.
  45. Go dancing and learn to foxtrot or salsa.
  46. Take up yoga.
  47. Learn to play golf.
  48. Get a season ticket for your favourite sports team and follow their games.
  49. Go to a major sporting event like the Grand National, World Cup Finals, or Olympic Games.
  50. Learn to ski and go on a skiing holiday.
  51. Coach your grandchildren’s football team.
  52. Become a regular cyclist and enjoy your local cycle routes.
  53. Learn to ride a horse.
  54. Read all of Shakespeare’s plays.
  55. Read ‘The Classics’ such as the novels by the Bronte sisters.
  56. Visit art galleries and appreciate all the great pieces on display.
  57.  Travel the world. Or visit a country on every continent. Get out and about, and see the world.
  58. Learn a new language and put it into practice on your travels.
  59. Visit museums. Learn about your local history and admire the relics on display.
  60. Make regular visits to the theatre to see all the plays you ever wanted to.
  61. See the sights in your home town. We often take for granted the cultural significance of our home town. Get out there and make the most of it.
  62. Stand up for a cause. Join a politically rally, attend demonstrations, fight for something you believe in.
  63. Be an active member in your local religious group.
  64. Make a pilgrimage to a place of religious significance.
  65. Visit the ‘7 Wonders of the World’.
  66. Go to the cinema once a week.
  67. Try cuisine from all around the world.
  68. Go to the opera.
  69. Go to the ballet.
  70. Go to a music festival. It doesn’t have to be as wild as Glastonbury, and you could go for one day.
  71. Have a long weekend on a canal boat
  72. Learn sign language and communicate with a deaf friend.
  73. Watch the sunset on an exotic beach.
  74. Go on safari.
  75. Visit London and see Buckingham Palace, the London Eye and more.
  76. Go to the top of the Eiffel Tower.
  77. Do something for charity. Hold a coffee morning, bake cakes, or do a sponsored activity.
  78. Do something you told yourself you never would. Jump out of a plane, swim the channel, or learn to dive. You only live once after all.
  79. Do something you’ve always wanted to like open your own business.
  80. Spring clean your house and throw away all your clutter.
  81. Paint your living room or do all those little modifications you never had time to before.
  82. Volunteer at a local church, shop or school.
  83. Research your family tree and share your findings with your family.
  84. Become a college tutor.
  85. Eat every dish at your favourite restaurant.
  86. Go back to school and get some more qualifications.
  87. Buy a place in the sun and spend as much time over there as you can.
  88. Enjoy some ‘me time’.
  89. Jump on the train to anywhere. Go somewhere random and make a day of it with your partner or a friend.
  90. Swim with dolphins. Who doesn’t have this on their bucket list, right?
  91. Move to the country
  92. Or the city. Whichever you’ve always dreamed of.
  93. Go on a cruise.
  94. Quit smoking.
  95. Sleep under the stars. If you’ve never been camping, there’s no time like the present!
  96. Go to a spa and be pampered for the weekend.
  97. Buy a motor home and take off at a moment’s notice.
  98. Complete the hardest level crossword in your local paper.
  99. Enter a radio or TV phone in and share your opinion.
  100. NOTHING! Relax and enjoy your retirement – you earned it!

So there you have it, 100 things to do when you retire. Is there anything missing? Leave your suggestions in the comments!

Sometimes, we have to spend our autumn years in residential care. If you’re looking for care homes in Birmingham that are a safe haven for your loved ones, contact Solihull Care today.

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