5 Types Of Cars To Avoid Using When Teaching Your Teenage Kids To Drive

Taking your teenagers out in the car for the first time is both exciting and frightening. They are thrilled to be driving, but you really do not know what to expect. It’s also difficult to decide which car you should go out in. What are some of the types to avoid when teaching your teenagers how to drive?

Very Old Cars

Unfortunately, when cars are older, they have more of a possibility of breaking down. Eventually, your teenager does need to know how to handle all types of cars, but it’s better to start with a vehicle that runs more smoothly.

Brand New Cars

Depending on how well your teenager is driving, it’s often best to avoid using that brand new car on which you just spent a lot of money. No one wants to think about getting into an accident, but your teenager might get into a minor one when he or she is new to the road. Furthermore, your teen might become so focused on the fact that the car is both flashy and classy, that he or she forgets to pay attention to the driving component.

Teaching Your Teenage Kids To Drive

Huge Vehicles

When your teenager drives the first few times, it’s better to start off in an average sized car. Making teenagers monitor and handle very large vehicles can be overwhelming for them. The actual driving of the car, as well as the way the mirrors work, is quite different than a vehicle that is normal sized. Yes, indeed, they will eventually want to learn how to drive all types of cars, especially if they will be driving the family vehicle. However, it’s necessary that they learn how to drive in a car that is of a more moderate size.

Other Peoples’ Cars

Since you are the one teaching your teenager how to drive, you should be going in your car or the car of your spouse. Using the vehicle of another relative or a friend is a bad idea for a few reasons. First of all, you don’t really know how the car handles, so you won’t be able to give appropriate advice. The other problem happens in the result of an accident. Instead of having to pay for your own damages, you’re going to have to explain the situation to the other person and pay for the damages too.

Questionable Vehicles

If you have been a bit worried about the safety of your car, do not bring your teenager out to drive in it. This is a dangerous situation, and you’re quite possibly setting yourself up for a lot of problems. You want the learning process to go as smoothly as possible, and you do not want to put your life at risk during it.

Teaching your teenagers to drive requires that you have both patience and confidence, but it also demands that you select the right type of car for the lessons.

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