5 Types Of Pillows That A Modern Savvy Individual Cannot Do Without

Through sleep and rest, the body can heal itself from certain conditions such as nervousness, physical and postural problems. For the purpose of getting a comfortable sleep, you probably have quite a number of pillows on your bed. Pillows exist in different types since they serve different purposes. Five types of pillows include:

1. Body pillows – A body pillow is the best pillow for side sleepers because they are long and have a number of functions. The top portion is useful in head and neck support. The bottom portion is used for knee and leg support. For pregnant women, they are the ideal choice as they provide added support to the abdominal area. It should be noted that while using them, a person should avoid throwing a top leg over the pillow. These would lead to a twisting force on the lumbar spine and lower thoracic area which can be very dangerous.

2. Neck pillows – These pillows are known by many as orthopedic or cervical pillows and are helpful to people with neck pains. They are pillows designed to fill spaces left under the head and neck. They function through providing extra support to the neck and providing a deeper depression where a person’s head lies. These pillows keep the neck in alignment for people suffering from neck pains by filling the space created by the neck.

Comfort U Body Pillow

3. Travel pillows – They are curved in design to fit around the neck snuggly. Usually they are U shaped and are used in supporting the head when a person is in a sitting position. They prevent too much bending of the head from side to side. These pillows also take care of head weight by giving it support. This is beneficial to muscles since they are relieved some work. They can also be used in vehicles and airplanes.

4. Lower back support pillows – They provide support for the lumbar spine inward curve, in the legs and lower back. Most people suffer from muscle pain and tension as a result of sitting for long hours without supporting the lower back. These pillows work wonders for such people because natural gap between the chair and the lower spine is filled by these pillows.

5. Donut pillows – Just as the name implies, they are donut shaped. Usually, they are placed on car seats and they aid people to sit with less pressure at the tailbone, whether they have a hole or depression at their center. They are essential for people who have pain in the coccyx area or those with a bruised tailbone.

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