• 7 Benefits for Kids Who Play Baseball

    Baseball only comes second to Pro Football in the list of the most popular sports in the USA, and it is also quite popular in many other countries across the world. Although the MLB is what comes to mind when you think about baseball, it is a sport for people of different ages and kids start playing it at very tender ages. Most parents will encourage their children to take up the sport because it is interesting or because they love it and would want their children also to like it. What most people might not know is that there are many benefits for kids who play baseball and they include the following seven.

    Benefits for Kids Who Play Baseball

    #1 It Sharpens their Mind
    Baseball is both a physically and mentally engaging sport, and so kids will have to be very alert when playing the game. It requires making split-second decisions on things like whether to run a base or stay put and the correct strategy to implement on each play. This decision making will help to make the kid alert and keep his mind sharp. Also, baseball exercises are very beneficial to the child’s brain development.

    #2 Kids Burn Fat and Maintain a Healthy Weight
    All the activities in baseball from training to playing real matches will speed up metabolism and help burn calories to ensure that your child gets and maintains a healthy weight. Obesity in kids is a big problem in most developed countries with the USA leading in the percentages, and so just by encouraging your children to play baseball, you can help them avoid it.

    #3 They Get Stronger Arms and Legs
    The movements that come with swinging a youth baseball bat are very beneficial for kids because they help them develop strong arms. Also catching and throwing the balls will require the use of chest muscles, triceps, and biceps which in turn means the more they play, the stronger they become. Their legs will also benefits a lot because of the running and the lateral movement of the leg muscles when the child throws a ball and also from the fact that the lower body is what generates power for a swing.

    #4 It Keeps Them Out of Trouble
    Baseball is one of the best things that can happen to kids, and this is more so in their teenage years as it will help keep them out of trouble. Although the hormonal changes that come with the teenage years will always land your kids into trouble, in most instances, they will do the wrong things because they have a lot of idle time. Baseball will keep your child busy and ensure that he does not have any time to spare for crime, drugs and other social ills.

    #5 They Become Disciplined
    Discipline is a must if you want to make the team in baseball and the coach will not tolerate any indiscipline both on and off the field. And so encouraging your child to play the sport even if it is just for fun will help make him discipline. Kids that play this beautiful game will learn and understand the importance of self-discipline not only when playing but also in everything else that they do.

    #6 Baseball Helps with Development of Social Skills
    If your kid has difficulties socializing with other children (which is a common problem among children), then baseball might be all that you need to help him with this. The friendship that develops among the team members in baseball cannot compare to any other, and in most cases, it will last for many years. And so baseball will also benefit your child by helping him development essential social skills.

    #7 Scholarships
    College is expensive, and it will take most parents many years to save for it, but baseball can also help with this. If your child loves the sport from an early age, develops the right skills and becomes good at it the chances are that he will get a baseball scholarship for college. These college scholarships come with many benefits for your child because he will not only get a free education but he will also be a step closer to playing at the professional level.

    Baseball is a beautiful game, and so it is always a good idea to encourage your child to start playing it at a young age. Apart from the sport being a fun way to use up the spare time it also comes with many benefits for your child and the seven above are just a few of them. However, for your kid to gain the most from the sport, he will need maximum support and encouragement from the parents.

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