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Lifestyle Blog Publisher, Essential Oils Educator and Mompreneur Erica Brooks believes that having a healthy family matters. Having a healthy family is about more than eating right and exercising. It’s about being spiritually sound, building healthy relationships and being socially responsible. Along with her husband Chris she is building a legacy of total health and wellness in their family and want to share their journey with you encouraging you to do the same in your family. To learn more visit

Rebounder Exercises for Beginners

Rebounder Exercises for Beginners

Using a rebounder is a great way to get in shape as these mini trampolines allow effective workouts without the stress that is placed on the body during high impact exercise. Because it is considered low impact exercise, this piece of equipment can produce highly effective results in a very safe manner, making it the […]

How to Increase Your Energy Naturally

How to Increase Your Energy

Do you sometimes feel like you’ve run out of gas? Do you have to push yourself to get going and accomplish your goals for the day? Well, you aren’t alone. Most people experience bouts of fatigue once in a while, but you can take steps to guard against low energy. How to Increase Your Energy […]

8 Tips on Avoiding Injury While Using Your Rebounder

Avoiding Injury While Using Your Rebounder

A rebounder is made for providing an effective low-impact workout, which will improve the heart, circulation and muscle functions as well as burn calories. When initially starting a workout routine with one of these devices, here are some tips you can apply that will help avoid injury. Tip 1 When purchasing a rebounder trampoline, make […]

Kid Friendly Mango Ketchup Recipe + 5 Easy Kids Meal Ideas

kids meal ideas mango ketchup recipe

I’ve been spending a lot of time in the kitchen lately. I’ve been cooking a lot in my Crock Pot and have been loving it. The kids like it but I can tell they wanted something more fun. I came up with a few kids meal ideas but they weren’t too excited about them. I […]

Rebounder Benefits – Get Fit and Have Fun for a Healthy Lifestyle

Rebounder benefits

Rebounding exercise has multiple benefits both physically and psychologically. According to a report by NASA, this form of exercise is 68% more effective than running or using treadmills. Using a rebounder (mini trampoline) stimulates biomechanical processes including oxygen consumption and heart rate and can be done by anyone due to its low impact on the […]

16 Easy Grilling Recipes to Enjoy Year Round

grilling recipes

My family loves grilled food. My husband is a caterer and grilling is his specialty. He loves to grill so much that he does it year round.  Since the warm weather is here you too can fire up your creative juices, as well as the grill, and try some new grilling recipes. Here are 16 […]

Family Day Trip: National Air and Space Museum Washington D.C.

Family Day Trip National Air and Space Museum Group

It’s finally starting to feel like Spring so we decided to pack a lunch and take a family day trip to the National Air and Space Museum in Washington D.C. Only 40 minutes from our home, the museum is a quick car ride away. The National Air and Space Museum is a part of the […]