Bed Bug Bites In Infants: Treatment And Prevention

Living with bed bugs can be stressful, irritating, and expensive; however, finding bite marks caused by these parasites on your infant or toddler can be frightening. The thought of your child sharing his blood with a bug is disconcerting. In addition, bed bug bites in infants mean sleepless nights for your baby and for yourself. Although the bite is painless and do not pose serious threats to your child’s health, they can still cause discomfort. In some infants and toddlers, the bite may incite scratching which may lead to secondary infection and scarring. Thankfully, there are steps you can take to eliminate bed bugs. But before you start hunting these bugs down, you must first apply treatment for the bites on your child’s skin.

First-Aid Treatment For Bed Bug Bites

Apply Medication For The Bites: Use a low-strength tropical hydrocortisone cream to your infant’s skin. In doing so, you will be able to soothe the itching. This is an over-the-counter medication and is safe to use on your infant’s sensitive skin. Remember though to avoid using it on your child’s face and in skin folds where it can become trapped, causing irritation. Additionally, make sure that you apply this cream at night before your infant goes to bed.

Bed Bug Bites In Infants Treatment And Prevention With Essential Oils

Visit The Pediatrician: It is also a good idea to consult your infant’s pediatrician to get the necessary prescription drug; however, this is only advisable for severe bed bug bites on your child’s body. Just like the hydrocortisone cream, the medication prescribed by the doctor can be applied on the skin to provide relief from itching. You must apply it only as directed by the doctor.

Treat Allergic Reactions: If your child develops allergic reactions to the bed bug bites, you can use antihistamine; but before you do, it is advisable to consult your infant’s pediatrician. There are certain types of antihistamine medication that can treat bed bug bites in toddlers. Additionally, there are some children who experience difficulty breathing as a form of allergic reaction. When such event happens, you need to bring your child to the emergency room or call your doctor.

On top of the first aid treatments mentioned, you must also make sure to trim your infant’s fingernails. This will eliminate the risk of creating an open wound on their skin because of their excessive scratching. Most importantly, always consult their pediatrician first before using any type of medication. If the bites develop pus, swelling, blisters, and your child suffers from high fever, immediately contact your doctor. These can be signs of infection and must be treated immediately.

How To Eliminate Bed Bugs In The Nursery

Getting rid of these nasty little parasites can be very challenging. It requires persistence and patience. If your infant or toddler becomes a host for these bugs, you must immediately take action.

  1. Confirm the presence of bed bugs. You must disassemble the crib and move the furniture away from the walls. You can use a flashlight and a magnifying glass to look for these bugs. Bed bugs love to hide in the seams of the mattress and along the frame of the headboard. In addition, you must check the crib frame, cracks, underneath hangings, and dressers.
  2. Wash the clothes and vacuum furniture pieces. It is advisable to wash all the clothing and bedding that may contain bedbugs and their eggs. You must wash them with hot water as this is lethal for these critters. In addition, you must also clean the stuffed toys that might be harboring other pests as well. Lastly, vacuum the floors, mattress, walls, and the furniture pieces. Immediately get rid of the vacuum bag and place it in a sealed plastic bag, then throw it away from the house.
  3. Use natural and safe bed bug control solutions. You can use natural pest control to get rid and prevent further infestation. Although insecticides are very effective against bed bugs, this solution is not advisable for nurseries. These insecticides contain chemicals which can be harmful for your infant if they are exposed to it. As an alternative bug control solution, you can try using diatomaceous earth. This is a powder which is made from ground fossil of prehistoric algae that can destroy the bugs and insects that crawl through it. This solution is safe and nontoxic for humans and pets. To use this solution, you need to spread it around the crib and other areas of infestation to eliminate any bugs.

Kris Lim is a mother of one who has had first-hand experience with bed bug bites on her infant. She now offers tips and advice on how to treat such bites, and how to get rid of nasty bed bugs Washington DC.

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