The 10 Commandments Of Losing Weight

Losing Weight

You hop on the scale and cringe. Oh, is it really that high? You need to lose weight. But weight loss can be a difficult, frustrating experience. What can you do to make it easier? As if they came from a mountaintop, these ten commandments for losing weight will help you be more effective at […]

7 Worthwhile Steps To Change Your Life Now

change your life

Are you living your own chosen life or are there others making the decisions for you? Whether you are living it purposefully or events and circumstance are dictating it for you, here are some signs that its out of control: You hate your job, possibly having taken it simply because nowhere else would hire you […]

Fall Fun In The Delaware Valley

Fall Fun In The Delaware Valley

Summer is undoubtedly many people’s favorite season; children and young adults who are still in school enjoy the long break from their academic pursuits, the Jersey Shore is in its prime-time with sunny beaches and exciting boardwalk attractions, and the long days and warm nights make it the perfect time to gather family and friends […]

Halloween Safety Tips for Pets

Protecting Your Pets During Halloween

A spoonful of sugar consumed by your pet in the form of Halloween candy, and other human foods, may cause you to go looking for medicine. Sugar is horrible for most animals, especially the one’s many of us keep in our homes as live-in pets. Yet, our cats and dogs, especially, seem to be drawn […]

Exploring the Law of Success – Value

The Law of Success Value

Last week we talked about the Law of Mindset. Today on Mompreneur Monday listen in as Melissa shares how the law of success, Value, can help you to build your business. Learn how to increase your VALUE, MASTER your trade and put YOURSELF and your TEAM in DEMAND! Listen to the replay below:

What […]

Volunteering as a Family for Make a Difference Day

Make a Difference Day Kid Volunteers

My kids and I had an awesome day volunteering with our church family for Make a Difference Day, the largest national day of community service. We visited a local motel that houses families in housing transition. We held a cookout and served hot dogs, baked beans and potato salad. The kids helped the younger residents […]

9 Ways to Forge Healthy Relationships With Your Children

Forge Healthy Relationships With Your Children

Children have an amazing capacity to learn. They’re like sponges in the early years and they easily form memories that are cherished for a lifetime. There are many things you can do in order to build loving ties that last. It’s a great way to teach your children trust and companionship. When you foster a […]

Easy Pumpkin Seed Recipe

Pumpkin Seed Recipe

It is pumpkin carving season! We all know what that means, plenty of pumpkin seeds! Instead of throwing them away, give this pumpkin seed recipe a try. It’s pretty easy to make and is a fun activity that your kids will enjoy helping you bake and eat. Print Pumpkin Seed Recipe IngredientsCaramelized Spiced Nuts 1/4 […]

Step Out Diabetes Walk

diabetes walk

This weekend my family participated in the American Diabetes Association’s Step Out Diabetes Walk at the National Harbor in Washington, D.C.  It  has been 3yrs since my husband was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. Since then he has changed his diet dramatically by eating more fresh vegetables, fruits like apples, grapes and various berries, lean […]

Meditation: The Art Of Finding Health & Inner Peace

Meditation- The Art Of Finding Health and Inner Peace

Mental health is vital part of our lives and should be nurtured in the best possible way. But accomplishing meditation is a matter of strict discipline and repeated efforts. We all experience life in this modern world as a topsy-turvy madhouse where peace is just out of sight. So it becomes a genuine need to […]