9 Essential Oils You Should Include In Your Emergency Preparedness Kit

Emergency Preparedness Essential Oils

When creating an emergency preparedness kit, people often overlook the importance of essential oils. They are natural, don’t expire, and are far more versatile than most other man-made products. Here are the top 9 that you should have in your kit. 1. Lavender Lavender can be used for such a wide variety of ailments. It […]

10 Benefits of Orange Essential Oil

Orange Essential Oil

How to Use Orange Essential Oil Orange essential oil is popular and highly praised by beginners as well as season pros. It is considered to be one of the best essential oils to experiment with when learning about essential oils because of its many uses as well as its flexibility. Orange essential oil mixes very […]

Marriage – 10 Steps to Building a Healthy Marriage

happy marriage

When you get married you hope for a happy marriage, I don’t think that anyone getting married deliberately seeks out an unhappy marriage, but the sad fact is that far to many marriages result in misery and divorce. Far to many people seem to forget that once you get married you still have to work […]

Healthy Meal Ideas for Busy Moms With Wasa Crispbreads

Healthy Meal Ideas With Wasa Whole Grain Crispbreads

This post contains sponsored content. All opinions and meal ideas are my own. Now that it’s the new year and all of the tempting holiday treats are behind me I am looking forward to all things new including cutting back on dining out. Being a stay at home mom dining out was my treat. My […]

Happy New Year!


From Our Family to Yours Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas

5 Reasons Karate Can Boost Your Child’s Self Confidence

kids karate

Although martial arts have their roots in the necessary self-defense techniques that every fighting-age man and woman had to know in pre-modern Eastern societies, they have evolved far beyond this original purpose. These days, martial arts can be put to a variety of creative and constructive uses and provide children with a fun, and heart-pumping […]

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving

Rejoice always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus. 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 Happy Thanksgiving from our family to you and yours. Today I am thankful for: Having a loving and supportive husband who can cook and has a great sense of humor. Having a bright […]

Does Taking A Break Affect Your Weight Loss Journey?

weight loss tip

A weight loss plateau is not unheard of; it is inevitable in any weight loss journey when you realize that you are not losing weight any more in spite of following a diet. When you are extremely obese, a diet can help you lose a dramatic amount of weight initially. However, as the body weight […]

Yummy Gift Idea for Chocolate Lovers

chocolate lovers

Chocolate is one of the most popular treats available, and has been eaten for centuries. Chocolate lovers can cite a variety of health benefits of chocolate, however finding a chocolate candy that can honestly be called healthy can be quite a challenge. There are a variety of very different types of chocolate drinks and candies, […]