Deciding To Have Gastric Bypass Surgery

There is something that modern day didn’t prepare us for and that was obesity. Obesity has become one of the most common reasons for health problems throughout the world with more people being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and hypertension than ever before.

Obesity is a real problem and we can only blame it on our lifestyles. Years ago there wasn’t a Kentucky Fried Chicken on every corner and a pizza shop in every town; we ate real food with vegetables and steamed fish. Today our eating habits are dire, often due to lifestyle and working lives.

After a hectic day of work and juggling children, it’s so much easier to drive to the local drive through to get food than it is to spend an hour in the kitchen. This is a sad reality that is causing more people to turn to gastric bypass surgery than ever before.

What You Need To Know Before Making The Decision

If you suffer from obesity related diseases and don’t seem to be able to lose weight through diet, your doctor may suggest gastric bypass surgery, but there are a few things you need to know before making this huge life changing decision.

The first thing is to try and exhaust all the non-surgical options before you choose surgery. As with any surgery, gastric bypass surgery does come with risks, so trying to not put yourself through that is probably your best start.

Deciding To Have Gastric Bypass Surgery

healthy eating plan combined with exercise will help you lose weight. Now I know many of you will tell me that diet alone does not help you lose weight, you may not see the results immediately, but if you stick to a healthy eating plan, weight loss is imminent.

Your exercise plan should be easy going to start with, especially if you are not one for regular exercise. Remember not to start any exercise routine without prior consent from your doctor. Because you are suffering from obesity, exercise may put unnecessary strain on your heart.

There are times when non-surgical options just don’t work. You may be eating a healthier balanced diet and walking three times a week and the weight just won’t go, this means your body is holding onto everything you digest and surgery may be your only answer.

Another point you will need to know before opting for the surgery is that the after-care is a lifestyle change; you will need to change your diet habits, exercise regularly and take vitamin and mineral supplements including calcium citrate chews, for example.

How Gastric Bypass Surgery Is Performed

Gastric bypass surgery will be performed under general anaesthetic, so you need to be prepared to be in hospital for the surgery, it’s not a procedure that can just be carried out at your doctor’s offices.

They will cut a long incision on your stomach where they staple the stomach to make a small pouch. They then staple the small intestine joining it to your new stomach pouch and then attach that to the lower intestine. It makes a Y shape where the food travels from the pouch to the small intestine.

The food is mostly broken down by the digestive juices to assist you in the amount of calories absorbed, but the disadvantage is that you do not absorb all the vitamins and minerals you need which is why bypass surgery patients use calcium citrate chews.

The Advantages of This Surgery

You may feel that this type of surgery is your only choice and this is completely understandable. It comes with a range of benefits the main being weight loss. Most gastric bypass surgery patients can expect to lose up to eighty per cent of their fat in the first two years after surgery.

Those who suffer obesity related diseases such as type two diabetes and hypertension will find that their symptoms are dramatically reduced and with the weight loss comes a healthier person.

The Risks

As mentioned before every surgery you ever have comes with risks and you need to determine with your doctor whether it’s worth you taking the risk when it comes to this surgery.

Some of the risks include infection and bleeding, blood clots and even leaking stomach fluid. Other risks include ulcers and the lack of absorption of minerals and vitamins which are essential for your body to function.

Basically I would suggest you think long and hard before making this decision, bearing in mind that the surgery alone isn’t the answer, your lifestyle after the surgery will change to include a healthy eating plan, exercise and mineral and vitamin supplements to help your body stay healthy.

Calcium citrate chews are designed for those who have had gastric bypass surgery as part of their vitamin and mineral intake. Available in a choice of flavours, these chews are an easy way to ensure your body gets the calcium intake it needs.

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