Entertaining The Family On A Budget

It can be tough thinking of ways to keep the family entertained. Especially entertaining your children that doesn’t cost the earth if money is tight. But fun with the family really needn’t be expensive. Here are some frugal and fun ways to keep the whole family entertained and best of all; you don’t even have to leave the house;

Host A Bingo Night

This is an excellent way of bringing the family together and a great way to unwind after a hard week’s work but also win yourself a bit of money at the same time. Get your friends and co-workers involved, the more the merrier when it comes to a bingo game. The night can either include some small cash prizes (everybody could pay in a small amount of money and the winner takes the lot!) or it can purely be fun. You can make the night as expensive or as inexpensive as you choose, by asking guests to provide their own drinks or you can splash out and supply the drinks in exchange for your guests supplying food. You can either make your own bingo cards or buy some cards rather inexpensively online.

Entertaining The Family On A Budget

Mocktail Evening

A Mocktail night is a good excuse for everyone to get dressed up for a night out, indoors! Everyone can get involved even children. It’s particularly ideal for anyone who has work the next day (no hangover!) and gives designated drivers a break from driving without the expense of cab fares. You can have fun inventing your own mocktails (non-alcoholic cocktails) and homemade fruit punches and you can also make home-made nibbles and appetizers.

Karaoke Evening

If you’ve got an old karaoke machine gathering dust in the loft why not get all your family and friends together for a sing off in your own home?  Or for those who have a Wii, a game like Singstar can be great fun for the whole family, just remember to warn the neighbors! Excellent for the competitive types why not hold a singing competition, for example, get your guests to vote for the worst singer and the ones with the most votes wins a prize, you could even buy party bags as prizes.

Horserace Night  

Ideal for adults who enjoy having a flutter on the horses! Horserace DVDs can be bought inexpensively online and provides the races themselves, money, betting slips, the bookies board, form guide and rules – everything you need for an exciting night without losing any of your money!

Curry Night

Most people enjoy a good curry so instead of the expense of eating out a restaurant or the pub, why not make your own curry at home? Get your guests to supply the beer (or orange juice for the kids and teetotals!) and make a fairly mild curry so it will appeal to all tastes, complete with poppadoms and even make your own mango chutney!

Crispin Jones for Best Bingo Websites. Crispin enjoys playing bingo in his free time and is always looking for ways to incorporate bingo into his life, one way or another!

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