Entertainment for Children on Cold Winter Evenings

As the nights get longer during the cold winter months, evenings can begin to drag, especially for kids. To keep them entertained (and you too!), here some activities perfect for those cold winter evenings:

A kitchen bake-off

Have some fun with the kids in the kitchen and get them baking. It can be anything from biscuits and cakes to tarts and gingerbread men. Fairy cakes are great a great way of getting kids to be creative too as they can be decorated with all sorts of icing and sweets. A competition can then be held to see who’s created the best fairy cakes, but of course everyone’s a winner as they’ll be able to eat their treats afterwards!

Read Aloud Stories

It seems obvious but reading aloud is something we all do less and less of these days. Even if the kids don’t seem all that enthusiastic at first, with the right book they’ll soon be enthralled. To keep this nightly treat going all winter try a good fantasy saga like The Last Dragon Chronicles by Chris d’Lacey.

Board Games Make Great Entertainment for Children on Cold Winter Evenings

Board Games Make Great Entertainment for Children


You don’t have to be an expert astronomer to stargaze with the children, in fact all you really need is a warm coat, binoculars, a flask of hot chocolate! Keep an eye on the weather reports and once you have a clear night, find a good spot in the garden or a local park and start looking out for constellations. Let the kids use their imagination by making up myths and stories about the constellations that they see.

Board Games

Winter evenings are the perfect time to reclaim traditional games with the kids. For a long evening, games Snakes and Ladders and Ludo are probably not going to cut it. Try Cluedo, The Game of Life, or good old favorite Monopoly to keep you playing all night and more importantly having fun! If you haven’t got any board games to hand Pictionary requires only pen and paper (and perhaps a little a little creative flair if you really want to win!).

Stay in and Watch a Film

After all that activity – and if bedtime is still a few hours away – try settling down with a family film. Ice Age, Happy Feet, and Home Alone are great winter themed movies that’ll make you feel glad you indoors toasty and warm! Just grab a big bowl of popcorn and you’re all set for a great evening!

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