Get the Family Involved While Making Your Christmas Cards

Creating Christmas cards each year can be a fun tradition. It’s even more fun when the whole family can participate. There are lots of ways to get everybody involved in the card creation process. This article will explore a few steps to get you started.

Make it Fun

The first step when getting kids involved with the Christmas card process is trying to make everything fun. Fun can come in the form of games. Turning the creativity process into a fun game the whole family can enjoy may entice little ones to participate.

My mom made us kids all sit at the table in a row. She then took a Christmas card and had everyone write one word on it before they would pass it onto the next person. Before she passed out the card she would say who the card was intended for. You never knew what the message would turn out to be, but it was always fun and got everyone involved.

Making sure the whole process has plenty of art supplies helps keep little attention spans on point. It helps to go all out in terms of paint supplies, colors, paper, scissors and anything else that will help decorate cards. This can make kids go crazy over car decoration and turn out fantastic products.

Making Christmas Cards is a Great Family Activity

Don’t forget to turn on your favorite Christmas tunes! The more festive the environment, the more likely everyone will want to participate. And who knows, maybe the boys will even turn off the football game to come cut out a few paper snowflakes.

Keeping in line with the festive theme, decorating Christmas cookies along with making Christmas cards is a nice combination. Frosting Christmas cookies, eating plenty of them, and getting a little sugar rush can really spark the creative energy needed to pump out lots of Christmas cards.

Use Technology

Using online Christmas card creator software is another way to make personal Christmas cards with everybody in the family. You need to start out by picking what picture you want to use on the card. Having a mini photo shoot, or going through old photos to find the best picture for the card is fun to do with children.

Once the pictures are selected most software can place the picture in a nice template. Using a prefab template to make online Christmas cards makes everything easy, quick, and fun for the family. If you’re doing this with your children then let them pick a template that might be a little wacky. If they’re happy, you’ll be happy.

You don’t always have to use a photo on a Christmas card. You can create wonderful Christmas cards with endearing messages and not use a family picture. Using online software is easy. Simply choose the card size, the card image, and you’re off!


At the end of the day, when you’re making Christmas cards with the whole family, the final product may not be perfect. If children help create cards then rest assured of one thing. The final result will probably get a few laughs and everyone will surely be proud.

And these cards may not even be the ones you send out to all your friends and family members. Perhaps you just keep a few cards as a keepsake or a scrapbook item. Making Christmas cards with the family can turn into an annual tradition everyone can look forward to. Have a wonderful Christmas season and best of luck getting the family involved with your Christmas cards!

Mikkie Mills is a Chicago native and mother of two. She often blogs about crafts and other DIY projects. Connect with her on Google + or on Twitter (@DollarHacks).

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