Happy New Year Family Fitness is Fun #Giveaway

Happy New Year! We know that this time of year is when people make tons of resolutions regarding getting healthy by eating right and exercising. Unfortunately by January 15th, those resolutions have been broken. With that said, Healthy Family Matters presents to you the Happy New Year Family Fitness is Fun Giveaway! We believe when the whole family exercises together it is not only good for you, it’s fun also which will encourage you to turn that resolution into a permanent lifestyle change.

The Giveaway
Enter to win a Sunny Health & Fitness 40″ Foldable Trampoline with Bar. The giveaway will start on January 1, 2013 at 12:00 AM EST and end on January 31st, 2013 at 11:59 PM. For U.S. residents only. You may enter using the Rafflecopter form below.

My family and I have one and use it often. It’s great for days when it’s too cold to go outside to exercise or when I don’t feel like going to the gym. The kids love it because to them it’s just fun to jump on.

Benefits of the Rebounder (Mini Trampoline)
Rebound Exercise is the therapeutic movement on the mini-trampoline. Because it moves all parts of the body at once we can also call it a cellular exercise. As an exercise it is superior to any other because it not only uses gravity but also two other forces, acceleration and deceleration. As a therapy it is as beneficial as massage or reflexology, since the whole body is involved, it is truly a cellular exercise. Rebound Exercise fulfills all four requirements of effective exercise: Strength Aerobic capability Flexibility Endurance. The greatest benefits of more vigorous exercise is the increase of oxygen. Increased oxygen helps us burn more calories, destroys toxins, gets rid of bacteria and fungus and stimulates cardiovascular health.

rebounder mini trampoline

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