I Was Cheated On – Rebuilding Your Marriage After Surviving An Affair

Extra-marital affair—this could be one of the most devastating situations that married couples can go through. Regardless of who did it, whether the wife or the husband, its effects can be vast and it can scar the relationship and the family for life. Acknowledging the idea and telling yourself, “I was cheated on” may prove to be the heaviest part of it all, but it marks the beginning of your willingness to move on and fix your relationship, and yourself, too.

Finding out that your life partner ceases to be one and chooses to cheat on you is absolutely difficult. No one can deny you the right to be hurt. You may curse your husband or wife for doing such a cruel thing and betraying you, but you may also be wondering if you can survive the affair and rebuild your marriage, and if yes, how. If you think it is worth fixing and saving, and that your family deserves to be rebuilt again, you may find the following tips helpful. Indeed, the road can be rough and tough, but if you really want to give your spouse and your relationship a second chance, you may well see that trying is the best way to go.

Surviving An Affair

How to Survive an Affair

Taking the step forward after knowing that your spouse is cheating is easier said than done. However, it is necessary for you to get yourself together and work to get things fixed. These tips can help you get through the pain, slowly but surely.

1. Acknowledgement. After knowing that your partner became unfaithful to you, you should acknowledge your pain, anger, and all the negative emotions and feelings that you have inside. Undoubtedly, what he or she did was really terrible—it was an act of selfishness that took a toll in your relationship and you are free to think that they should pay for it. It is important that you accept the reality, admit what really happened. Denial and covering up will not help solve the problem. You need to deal with your emotions as this allows you to specify what you should face and eliminate in the first place. This way, it will be clear that the next step will be working to ease the pain.

2. Realize that it’s not your fault. When confronting your spouse, they might defend themselves by saying that it was your fault because you had shortcomings and mistakes, pushing them to do it. However, you should not fall into the trap and end up feeling sorry and blaming yourself. No marriage is perfect. Everyone makes mistakes and if your partner has some issues with you, they should have talked to you about it so you can fix the problem together. Cheating is not a solution and you should not punish yourself thinking that it was your fault. Your spouse made the decision to cheat. Remember that you have no control over what he or she decides to do, but you have control over your emotions and thoughts.

3. Take care of yourself. Surviving an affair is not a walk in the park. No one says it’s easy, but you should help yourself by taking care of yourself. It is depressing, yes, but you should not bury and bore yourself. Go out with friends and relatives, participate in activities you enjoy, and make the most out of what life has to offer. Once you feel that you are better and that you’re ready to face the world again, then and there you can tell yourself that you are prepared to take the risk and go on to the next step which is rebuilding your marriage.

How to Rebuild Your Marriage

Fixing your marriage is a task that you cannot take alone. Your partner should be willing to work with you, too. Your problems were not developed overnight, thus, the solutions don’t come that easily, too. You should try and seek help together. The first thing you must do is talk and agree on one idea which is rebuilding your relationship. From there, you can begin sorting things out until you have already become better individuals and partners.

Savannah Ellis is an infidelity coach from Las Vegas. She does affair recovery and coaching on how to deal with jealousy and cheating.

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