It’s Not Lazy… It’s Inertia

Tearing your children away from their favorite television shows and video games is not an easy task. You’ve probably wondered why there’s such a difference in children’s activities these days compared to when you were young. Although you should be worried about your child’s health, there’s no need to stress about it quite yet; there’s actually a scientific reason why today’s children don’t want to get up and run around, and there’s a solution to the problem!

I Wouldn’t Quite Call It Lazy…

The condition of too little exercise is called sedentary inertia – the less you do, the less you are able to do – and it is a downward spiral from there. Maybe you’ll understand this condition better by looking at Newton’s first law of motion: an object at rest stays at rest and an object in motion stays in motion until it is acted upon. So, your child will stay sedentary until something changes – it takes action!

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Restoring Your Child’s Energy

The good news about Newton’s law is that once an object is in motion it stays in motion. All you have to do is get your child active and as they realize how good exercising feels, they’ll want to stay that way! So how do you get them moving? Remember, it takes action, meaning it may take a lot of poking, prodding, bribing, and maybe even some coercion on your part.

A good tip to remember is that people usually handle smaller changes better than larger changes. So, start by improving their diet here and there, or having them walk for 15 minutes a day. But you don’t have to come right out and say your intentions because that might make them resist. So I give you permission to be tricky! Ask them to ride their bike down the street to run an errand, have them walk the dog, take them on a nature walk, the sky’s the limit. Whatever the change, implementing it for at least a month will jump start the formation of a habit. Then you can build upon that habit until your child is in motion and staying in motion, and enjoying it!

With at least 8 hours of sleep and moderate exercise, your child’s energy should be restored with a new pep in his step! But watch out, because once they start enjoying exercising they’ll be wanting their own exercise equipment. You can read some functional trainer reviews for great information before you invest in your own home gym.

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