It’s Time to Change the Way We Cure Cancer

Cancer is a very scary illness to have, not only because it has a high mortality rate, but because conventional treatments can cause some of the worst side effects you can imagine. Chemotherapy agents, which destroy rapidly multiplying cells, are very commonly utilized. With this treatment of course cancer cells are targeted, but so are many other organs in the body which reproduce cells quickly. These include hair follicles, bone marrow and the digestive track tissues.

The destructive nature of traditional cancer treatments

Although baldness is not serious, digestive complications and bone marrow diseases are very serious. Chemotherapy, radiation and surgery (the three most common cancer treatments used in western medicine) can literally destroy the immune system, making the body weak and vulnerable to infection, at a time when that protection is vital.

With that said people are becoming more aware of the low success rates of these accepted treatments as well as the holistic alternatives available that the drug companies don’t want you to know about. After all, there’s no money in it for the pharmaceutical industry if you have the tools and knowledge to cure your self from home using completely safe and natural techniques.

It's Time to Change the Way we Cure Cancer

The reason you got cancer in the first place was…

The fundamental difference between holistic medicine and western medicine is that one sees the body and mind as many individual parts, whereas the other sees it as a whole. It’s not too hard to guess which is which. Therefore when attempting to rid the body of disease, conventional medicine looks to rid the body of symptoms whereas alternative medicine treats the underlying cause of the ailment.

The root cause of cancer, heart disease, diabetes or any other sickness always rises from fact the body was unable to defeat this threat because it was either lacking the necessary nutrients to do so, or it had a buildup of toxins which caused the problem in the first place. Cancer cells are basically rogue cells that serve no purpose other than to destroy healthy cells and use up your body’s resources.

The body is fully equipped to eliminate these threats, so long as it is healthy. Therefore the best and most successful (although often discredited due to corporate greed) method for curing cancer is to get healthy. Although this may sound too simple and even to good to be true, it’s not. Here’s the catch though; getting healthy for the cancer patient means doing a lot more than just eating healthy and exercising. If you’ve contracted cancer in the first place it means there were some serious issues going on and they need to be addressed.

Alternative cancer treatment programs

Luckily your not on your own. There are many alternative cancer treatment programs available that can walk you through the entire process. One of the most popular and successful is the Gerson cancer treatment program. Gerson, which uses specialized, concentrated vegetable juices, supplements and detoxification methods, has been used to completely cure some of the most deadly cases of late stage cancer. Essentially, it fully detoxifies the body and supplies it with an abundance of vital nutrients to heal on its own, free of dangerous drugs and destructive radiation.

This treatment program is by no means a walk in the park. Most natural cancer treatment programs require a large dedication of time and resources. It is however completely worth it. No matter what type of cancer you have, natural treatment is always the healthier, safer, more successful route. Even say for patients with mesothelioma, a very deadly form of cancer caused by asbestos exposure, alternative mesothelioma treatments have proven more successful than traditional routes.

The many reasons natural trumps drugs every time

With cancer treatment programs like Gerson, instead of having loads of nasty side effects, the only side effect you’ll have is increased energy. Not to mention you’ll feel better than you’ve ever felt in your entire life. Ridding yourself of years worth of built up toxins while supplying everything the body needs to heal naturally is a rewarding and satisfying experience, in complete contrast to the hellish experience one deals with when attempting traditional cancer therapies like chemotherapy and radiation.

In addition, you’ll spend a minute fraction of the money you would spend being treated in a hospital, which can run up bills in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. People are now starting realize that it just makes more sense to heal naturally. Instead of seeing a traditional doctor who would likely try to talk you out of a natural treatment program, you should instead consider a holistic health practitioner who can help walk you through a such a program.

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