The Importance of Preschool For Your Child

Preschool is a very important aspect of childhood. Research now shows how important preschool is for teaching children to be good students. Skills like cognition, self-awareness, socializing and pre-academia are all important lessons taught in preschool. Without it, your child may not develop the school readiness needed to become successful in kindergarten.

Social Development

In preschool, your child will learn the importance of taking turns, cooperative play with peers and the value of sharing. This is extremely important, especially for those who are an only child. Preschool children will also become aware of diversity in themselves and others. Your child will also learn problem-solving methods, cause and effect, and develop a strong curiosity for things around them. Finally, your child will learn how to recognize its own skills and accomplishments, which is an important aspect in building self-confidence and worth.

The Importance of Preschool

Core Studies

While core studies typically begin in kindergarten, preschool children will begin to learn how to express themselves through language. From understanding the alphabet to learning how to write their name, your child will become comfortable with the English language. Through designated story time, children become interested in literacy. Your child will quickly want to learn how to read their favorite stories all by themselves. In addition to reading and writing, your child will learn basic mathematics. Preschool children quickly develop a sense of quantity and counting as well as classification, measurement, shapes, and patterns.

School Readiness

Your child will learn valuable life skills such as socializing, attention and listening. While you can easily teach your child how to read and write, he or she isn’t getting the opportunity to practice sustaining their attention in the company of their peers. This means your child is not learning to listen to multi-step instructions from a teacher or how to complete those steps to the teacher’s satisfaction. With set lesson plans throughout the day, children will increase their attention span and develop the appropriate social skills for kindergarten.

Correlation Between Preschool and Later School Success

Research has shown a strong correlation between a child’s participation in preschool and later positive school and community outcomes. In regards to academics, studies show that children who have completed preschool enter kindergarten recognizing and understanding more words. They also have a broader vocabulary and are more likely to be proficient in language use overall. What’s more is that children who have completed preschool often have satisfactory or outstanding grades in math or language arts by third grade.

Is it worth it? The choice is ultimately up to the parents. However, every child should have some sort of group experience before her or she enters public school. While babysitters and grandparents can be loving and great company to any child, preschool teachers teaches children the basics of education, like raising hands, taking turns and sharing. It also teaches young child the appropriate separation and routine-building skills necessary to make the transition to kindergarten. The choice is yours, but keep in mind that children who are exposed to preschool enter school eager and ready to learn.

Angela Reynolds is a preschool teacher and mother of two. Angela believes that classroom setup can dramatically affect a child’s attitude towards learning. She uses classroom dividers to organize and stimulate learning within the classroom.

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