Three Daily Routines To Help Your Brain Stay Healthy

Many people focus on physical fitness and keeping their body healthy. While this is very important, many people neglect to focus on keeping their brain healthy. The truth is, there are many easy ways to workout your brain and keep your brain very healthy and in optimal condition.

Our experts have shared three daily routines can help your brain stay very healthy!

1.) Workout Your Brain

One of the most important ways to keep your brain healthy is to exercise your brain. Like a muscle, your brain will atrophy if not used frequently. Exercising your brain is a sure way to keep your brain functioning optimally and a sure way to keep your brain healthy. When you exercise your brain and challenge your mind by completing complex tasks and learning complex new skills, your brain forms new synapses.

Brain synapses are the pathways within the brain through which neurons pass chemical signals and neurotransmitters. When you workout your brain, your brain forms new synapses, giving your neurotransmitters more options and literally creating new pathways within the brain.

Working out your brain can be a very fun activity. Doing crossword puzzles, learning complex math equations, learning new skills and reading something that truly interests you are excellent ways to workout your brain daily.

reading helps to keep your brain healthy

2.) Learn A New Language, Or Languages

Learning a new language, or learning new languages, has long been known as one of the most effective ways to improve your brain power and even increase your intelligence. Learning a new language can open up and create a wide variety of new pathways within the brain and can help you to think in new ways that you never thought possible.

Studies have been done that show that learning a new language can literally expand the understanding of the brain to new levels and can give people the ability to think in new ways and new methods. A new language can also help the brain to form new synapses which, as mentioned before, play a role in greatly increasing your brain’s overall health and abilities.

3.) Eat Foods High In DMAE

DMAE is a natural mineral which has long been known to increase brain power both in the short term and in the long term. DMAE also has a wide variety of neuroprotective effects and it can keep your brain healthy for a very long time.

DMAE, once sold as a prescription drug called Deanol, is now available as an over the counter supplement. DMAE can also be found in abundance in egg yolks, many types of seafood including salmon, anchovies and sardines.

Eating foods that are high in DMAE or taking a DMAE supplement on a daily basis is an easy and very effective way to keep your brain healthy for a very long time to come!

Stella is a personal trainer and nutrition expert / blogger. For more about maintaining a healthy brain visit Skull Base Institute.

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