Top Family Arguments Revealed

Like them or lump them, we are always stuck with our family. When a group of people of varying ages are thrown together, there are always going to be arguments, but figures show that the average UK family spends four days out of every year quarrelling.

In a survey that covered 3,000 families, it revealed that a family has approximately three tiffs daily; each lasting around five minutes. In a year, that amounts to 1,095 arguments lasting 91.25 hours – that’s a lot of time spent bickering.

What Have Families Been Arguing About?

Unsurprisingly, household chores are number one for creating arguments, followed by the children treating the house ‘like a hotel.’ If your parents are the main providers for income and commodities, it’s unsurprising that they are often taken for granted. Generally, the mother feels the brunt of this and the most likely to cause an argument at home.

Furthermore daughters are the main culprits of door-slamming and fathers prefer to get away from the house to let off a little steam.

One fifth of families often bicker about not being able to locate an item in the house, and one fifth also fight over control of the TV remote. Reading like a ‘guide to stereotypical TV viewing,’ mothers tend to prefer soap operas, whilst dad wants to watch the sport, and the young ‘uns go for films or reality programs. The TV causes at least 15% of arguments in the house.

Top Family Arguments Revealed

Next up: the telephone. When parents get the monthly phone bill, they are likely to have a heart attack over their children’s usage; prone to calling up their mates for a chat, the telephone bill causes 13% of tiffs between parents and their kids.

The survey shows that mother is usually the epicentre of most arguments, but fathers are now playing a bigger role in family tiffs than ever before. Teenagers and their rock ‘n roll music sneaked into the top ten list of family arguments, as well as homework…or the lack of it!

Is All This Arguing Bad For Families?

Sometimes arguments can reach such heights that it starts to deteriorate a marital relationship; in these cases, it’s best to seek professional advice, such as family law solicitors in Liverpool.

However, specialists believe that although family arguments are largely negative and hot-headed, they are absolutely vital for strengthening bonds between individuals. Small arguments are actually healthy for families.

This can be hard to believe when two loved ones are screaming at each other about money issues – parents resent being treated like their children’s personal bank because they are constantly asking for money. With resources already tight, limited access to funds or facilities, such as the bathroom, become objects of heated discussion.

Whilst being polled, families admitted that one-in-ten of them were not on speaking terms with their loved ones, at that time. Whether that was due to kids’ bedtimes or whose turn it was to clean up after dinner, it seems like families are struggling to come to a happy resolution.

That said, two-thirds of families believe that arguments are a healthy process and to be expected. 85% said that it was just best to get it all off their chest!

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