Top Toys And Activities For Children

There are so many toys on the market today and as a parent you’re constantly aware of the barrage of advertisement. This makes it very difficult to sift through all the different choices and pick the best ones for your child. Children grow up so fast and their needs change, so it is always important to choose toys that are age appropriate. Playing should be encouraged as it will help your child develop not only their senses but help them learn to interact with other adults and children. Here are my top three toys and activities for children.

Getting Involved in Sport – Rackets, Footballs etc
Healthy eating and exercise education is part of the curriculum for schools, teachers are encouraged to promote positive attitude to exercise and food so its important that this is encouraged at home. When choosing toys and games for children I believe it is important to encourage exercise and movement. It is widely believed that children who have healthy lifestyles will perform better at school than those children whose lifestyle is poor. What I like about my children playing sport is that balls and rackets are relatively cheap and last a lot longer than the latest computer game. Sport is an activity that can be undertaken individually or as part of a team. Both of these bring about benefits. Being part of a team encourages interaction and communication where as individual sport can bring self motivation and independence whilst the activity itself can improve a child’s cognitive abilities.

Top Toys And Activities For Children

Books don’t have to be boring
Reading to your children from a young age is great at helping their speech to improve. They will listen to you and learn from your tone and speed, this will help them develop. Books can not only help with speech but also it’s important to encourage your children to read from an early age. Always choose age appropriate books because when I child can read a book this will give them confidence and a desire to carry on reading. Books don’t have to be boring either! Let your child choose which books they are likely to enjoy and read a book before bed. This will help to open up their imagination.

Traditional Pre-school Toys
Pre-school toys are the hardest to choose for a child. You are bombarded with different ones and there is always new advice on what is good and not for young children and babies. I would try to stick to the rule that you encourage your child to use toys that are going to help them develop. If you are trying to improve your child’s senses introduce toys that are loud and colourful. When their learning to crawl and walk there are many toys on the market that specifically cater to help with this. It is important that your child is ready to go to nursery or school, try toys that are common such as Playmobil toys. These will help your child learn to interact and have developed over time with education in mind but also as they are so common your child will recognise the toys and something they can familiarise with home.

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