• Trampolines Include a Range of Healthy Benefits for Kids

    When I was young, I saw exercise as something that was far from fun as many children did and still do but put a trampoline in a garden and kids completely forget that they are exercising. They can be bouncing away to their hearts content, being out of breath and perspiring but they still do not realize they are receiving really good exercise due to the amount of fun they are having.

    There are many different ways to have fun on trampolines from just seeing how high you can get, to landing on your rear and back to your feet just by using the momentum of the bounce itself, to somersaults and sideways flips.

    Even if you have not had a trampoline yourself or even been on one, you can appreciate the fun they can provide by watching others young and old having a great time and laughing their heads off.

    That’s the trouble with the era of technology that many families have a range of games consoles, a television in many rooms with children usually having a TV in their own room themselves. This means over the last few years, children have spent less and less time in the garden receiving the exercise they need, so when you invest in a trampoline you have found an ideal away to steer them outdoors into the fresh air and away from sitting for hours at a time in front of their favorite computer game.

    Trampolines Include a Range of Healthy Benefits for Kids

    When I was at school I was actually 224lb in weight between the age of 12 and 16 so a plump kid, but if I had had a trampoline in my garden I do think I would of lost that weight, gained more confidence and not been as shy as I was.

    The reasons I think is can be said for many other children that many do not have the social skills they require for being a happy, confident child which can help later in life to. Having a garden trampoline means children get outdoors with brothers and sisters but also friends and neighbors Being around people their age, as well as parents from these friends and neighbors can easily bring children out of their shell.

    On the health side of the garden trampoline, children don’t realize they are exercising so when they are bouncing away, their whole body is being given a great range of benefits.

    Not only does the cardio aspect mean mean they are burning body fat, but their bones and muscles get put through their paces, which in turn makes them stronger. As we know in general if a child or adult has a strong posture, high fitness level then this helps keep germs and bugs at bay as well as good fitness and health aspects for later life to.

    An example of this would be when they prepare to bounce on the trampoline pad itself as you bend your legs and then push with your legs, which uses a good range of muscles. When you land, your whole body helps keep your balance so helping produce a very good overall core strength which includes body abdominal and back muscles.

    When you add in the way the body compensates to produce a good balance so you don’t fall over, along with the cardio that can last for hours when having fun, it easily shows that a trampoline can easily be one of the best investments a parent or grandparent can invest in for the garden to keep children and grandchildren having fun, happy, healthy and social.

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